Tour 2019

This year we decided to join 10. Internationaler Heini-Cup für Rugbyoldies in Berlin, Germany. The squad is building up and we are looking forward to participate with great games and lots of fun! See you in Berlin September 28th – 29th!



Back from Scotland

What a tour! We did it again! Skåne OBR was able to complete its seventh tour abroad. Glasgow fulfilled our expectations more than well. Warm and hot weather, welcoming people from the city and pubs in every corner was the setting to make this to a perfect tour.
Our thanks go to our host, the team GHA Gazelles and John Willock. Great facilities and clubhouse, two games and a 3rd half which will be unforgettable, was more than we wish for. I hope to see you in Sweden soon.
Our thanks also go to, Graeme Brown for the hotel booking and arrangement in Glasgow, and Anthony Carpentier who supplied the match shirt and shorts.
Last thanks go to our sponsors which made us look like a team; Drumbar, Dlab, Nova Rehab and MABI.
We also want to welcome the new teammates to the SOBR team, Jonas Björnström, Anders Hasselblatt and Erlingur Bjarni Hinriksson, well played and contributed! We hope that you want and choose to play with us in the future. Unfortunately, Keir Puplett has to go back to Australia and this was his last tour with us (just for a while we hope), we gonna miss you!
Our mission in Glasgow is completed and done! We landed, played, partied and spread and shared the rugby spirit. All according to our plan to achieve world domination.
And yes! We are living in a yellow submarine, HUH!! 😉

Your Boris “Tito” Polimac.


Team presentation

On Thursday June 28 Skåne Oldboys Rugby will leave the Skane soil and heading for Scotland! The team management proudly presents this years team!